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New Attraction
Pyron-9G(Nav Grah) (Pyron-9G(Nav Grah))

Introducing New Pyramid Pyron with Unique copper power of 9 planets!

Advance design for all-round prosperity 1st Time in india.Very easy to use and fast result for peace of all 9 planets.To be placed in the room,shop or office for success and happiness

Code: #7411
Price: 990
Study Seat (Study Seat)
Code: #7126
Price: 1830
Study Cap (Study Cap)

This special Pyramid Cap is very useful during studies.It is most beneficial for improvement of memory,gaining confidence and lessening of stress.It increases awareness,mindfulness & intelligence especially recommended for children.

Use while study,wear it on head for at least 15 minutes when you start studying

Code: #7127
Price: 180
Study Head Band (Studey Head Band)

Effective way to enhance concentration and mind power!

Just wear you Head band on forehead for 10 minutes before or while studying.Enrich with 18 Pyramids,3 Magnets,18 Acutips,3 Copper Disc and powerful education yantra

Code: #7128
Price: 360
Study Eye Band (Study Eye Band)

New Age knowledge stabilizations and relaxation tool-'Study Eye -Band' with two in-build Pyramids to produces marvelous results.Ideal after using computer & TV and after studying for long hours during exams.

Powered with Two-9x Pyramids,2-Magnets

Code: #7129
Price: 360
Study Pad (Study Pad)
Place this pad on your table and place your book on it and start reading or writing.Explore the power of Pyramids for your child's concentration and memory.After your child completes his study,place the book on the pad for while night.This Unique pad can also be used for laptop as it gives the correct angle as well as the pyramid power protection to your laptop
Code: #7130
Price: 825
Divine Aum 9x9 (Divine Aum 9x9)
  • Gives support to past,present and future
  • Helps you to raise from small everyday problems towards finding solutions.
  • Opens Possibilites and brings out your potential
  • Ideal for those who want personal growth and want to understand deeper meaning of life
Code: #7103
Price: 2325
Mystic Eye 9x9 (Mystic Eye 9x9)
  • Protects from the Evil eye
  • Use in shops,offices,homes and factories
  • Ideal for Prosperous and flourishing businesses
  • Helps to get harmony,peace and happiness
Code: #7104
Price: 2325
Triple Luck 9x9 (Triple Luck 9x9)
  • Improves fortune by removing blocks in luck
  • Use for shops ,offices, homes and factories
  • Ideal for home and especially at workplace
  • Helps in improving results by controlling fate
Code: #7105
Price: 2325
Pyron Vastu Kit (Available in a kit of 9 for Feng Shui & also in singles)

Available in kit of 9 for Feng Shui. It includes Pyron Sun-Vitality, Pyron Moon-Calm Mind, Pyron Mars-Courage, Pyron Mercury-Business, Pyron Jupiter-Spirituality, Pyron Venus-Luxury, Pyron Saturn-Happiness, Pyron Rahu-Status and Pyron Ketu-Prosperity.

Code: #7401
Price: 5880
Pyron Sun - Vitality (Represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation.)
Represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation. It gives an assertive, individualistic,
exuberant and proud nature. It is also characterized as having a stable and selfless, one
that is strong, firm, royal and respectable. Psychic number 1, this is the number of those
born on day 1,10, 19 or 28 of any month.
Code: #7402
Price: 735
Pyron Moon Calm Mind (Represents life giving mother energy and is connected with the mind.)
Represents life giving mother energy and is connected with the mind. It gives creative
energy, which is magnetic and positive. Moon acts upon our imaginative, reflective,
intuitive nature, also known as our psyche. It is related with our subconscious mind.
2 is the psychic number of those born on day 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month.
Code: #7403
Price: 735
Pyron Mars - Courage (Represents the commander in chief of the assembly of the Gods.)
Represents the commander in chief of the assembly of the Gods, hence it has qualities
such as strong sense of purpose, courage, duty, order and discipline. Psychic number is 9
and is of those born on day 9, 18, or 27 of the any month.
Code: #7404
Price: 735
Pyron Mercury - Business (Represents merchant like nature, makes it takes risk and gamble.)
Represents merchant like nature, makes it takes risk and gamble. Associated with physical
comfort, money, business, success and materialistic gain. Nature includes intuitive, quick
decision, impulsive and hard working. Psychic number is 5, for those born on day 5, 14,
23 of any month.
Code: #7405
Price: 735
Pyron Jupiter - Spirituality (Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage.)
Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage. It is
associated with progress, expansion of consciousness, justice and status. It makes its
natives independent, bold, healthy, ambitious, active popular, self-confident and initiators.
3 is there psychic number and for those born on day 3, 12, 21 or 30.
Code: #7406
Price: 735
Pyron Venus - Luxury (Represents romance, beauty, passion and luxury.)
Represents romance, beauty, passion and luxury. It is associated with art, music, sexual
pleasure, emotion and love. Venus also governs the eye, throat, chin, kidney and the
reproductive organ. Ruling psychic number is 6 and for those born on day 6, 15, 24.
Code: #7407
Price: 735
Pyron Saturn Happiness (Represents wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, happiness and honesty.)
Represents wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, happiness and honesty. Saturn is also
associated with sincerity, love of justice, non-attachment, long-life, fame, authority,
leadership and organizational abilities. Psychic number 8 is a number of mystery.
Born on day 8, 17, 26 of any month.
Code: #7408
Price: 735
Pyron Rahu Status (Represents fame, status, success, physical attractiveness and beauty.)
Represents fame, status, success, physical attractiveness and beauty. It also makes its
native intelligent, bold and secretive, if interested in politics, Rahu makes them successful.
Psychic number 4, born on day 4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month.
Code: #7409
Price: 735
Pyron Ketu - Prosperity (Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity.)
Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity. Associated with true
knowledge, fantasy, intuition and imagination. Ketu rules the psychic number 7, those
born on day 7, 16 or 25 of any month.
Code: #7410
Price: 735
Fortune Tower (Fortune Tower)
tool creates fortune for you, just take in ur hand it can be placed any living & working premises like home, office factory & bilding
Code: #7838
Price: 2700
Fortune Clock - Copper (Fortune Clock - Copper)
First time in the world a clock based on time tested theory of kalchakra and geolocation missing numbers system plus special cosmotron charger to attract all round prosperity and good fortune in your life.
Code: #1112
Price: 4500
Pyra Mattress (Pyra Mattress)
Bring Good health Success & prosperity, Increase the level of vital enegry in our body
Code: #1110
Price: 12600
Introducing Four Advance Pyramind Yantra.
Order of Rs.2000 & above Shipping Charges Free
"PyraVastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here we utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow."
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